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Articles, Listicles & Slideshows

The Keto Craze: Does the Diet Live Up to the Hype?” How Stuff Works | writer
All Salt is Not the Same” How Stuff Works | writer
Your Sushi May Not Be as Healthy As You Think” How Stuff Works | writer
4 Steps to Safely Ship Holiday Cookies” How Stuff Works | writer
8 Awesome Uses for Your Instant Pot” How Stuff Works | writer
5 Ways to Use Fresh Cranberries” How Stuff Works | writer
The Humble History of Pumpkin Pie” How Stuff Works | writer
Water is Free. Why Do Americans Spend Billions on the Bottled Stuff?” How Stuff Works | writer
Why a Second Breakfast Can Be Good For Us” How Stuff Works | writer
Your Yogurt is Probably Loaded with Sugar” How Stuff Works | writer
Does Caffeine Increase or Decrease Your Appetite?” How Stuff Works | writer
Why is Lobster So Expensive—And Will It Stay That Way?” How Stuff Works | writer
The Light and Fluffy History of Southern Biscuits” How Stuff Works | writer
17.6 Million Americans Still Lack Access to Healthy Food” How Stuff Works | writer
Is Juice Really Better for You Than Soda?” How Stuff Works | writer
How Salmonella Can Wind Up in Your Breakfast Cereal” How Stuff Works  | writer 
Phallus Impudicus: The Nastiest Mushroom Ever?” How Stuff Works | writer
Is Lectin Free the New Gluten Free?” How Stuff Works | writer
Who’s Eating These Hot-as-Hellfire Peppers?” How Stuff Works | writer
US Trans Fat Ban Goes Into Effect. Almost.” How Stuff Works | writer
Organic Farms Could Help Fight Climate Change” How Stuff Works | writer
”Drink Your Beer—And Eat It, Too” AllRecipes Magazine Oct/Nov 2017 | writer
"Iconic Southern Plates: The Deep South's Meat-and-Three" | writer
"What to Eat for Strong Bones" Sharecare | writer
"Best Foods for Asthma" Sharecare | writer
"Worst Foods for Asthma" Sharecare | writer
"Breaking the Law Never Tasted So Good" Weld Magazine | writer
"I'm a 220-Pound Weight Loss Editor. Get Over It." | blogger * Luce Award Finalist, 2010
"The Best Fat-Burning Breakfasts" | writer 
"Bananas: The Ultimate Hunger-Buster" | writer
“My #1 Flat Belly Trick” Health Magazine | writer
“Get Yourself a Skinny Kitchen” Health Magazine | editor
“Is it Safe to Eat Seafood?” Health Magazine | writer
“I Did It: Secrets from a Big Loser” Health Magazine | writer
“Is it Safe to do a 2-day Juice Fast?” Health Magazine | writer
“Lose 5 Lbs in a Week!” Health Magazine | writer, editor
“How to Cheat—And Still Lose Weight” Health Magazine | writer
“7 Foods that Fight Fat” Health Magazine | writer
“What Do You Get for 200 Calories?” Health Magazine | writer
"The Best Way to Say No" Health Magazine | writer
“Is Cutting Out Carbs the Best Way to Lose Weight?” Health Magazine | writer
“Real Secrets to Forever Weight Loss” Health Magazine | writer
“I Keep Hearing About Toxins in Fish. Is it Safe to Eat?” Health Magazine | writer
“How the Pros Lose 10 Lbs Fast” Health Magazine | writer
“50 Ways to Cut 500 Calories A Day” Health Magazine | writer 
“Eat This & Burn More Fat” Health Magazine | writer
“I Did It: I Went from Couch Potato to Triathlete” Health Magazine | writer 
"The Saturday Chill: Vanilla is Far From Boring!" | writer
"The Plight of the Humble Beekeeper: $15 Billion on the Wing" eGullet | writer
"What's the Difference Between Southern and Soul?" Cornbread Nation 4: The Best of Southern Food Writing | writer 

Books, Bookazines & Apps

Soul: A Chef’s Culinary Evolution in 150 Recipes by Todd Richards | proposal writer, contributing editor
Cooking Light Mad Delicious: The Science of Making Good-for-You Food Taste Amazing *Winner, James Beard Award for Focus on Health, 2015 *Winner, Luce Award for Best Book of the Year, 2015 | editor
Cooking Light The Great Cook | editor
Cooking Light Crave | editor 
Cooking Light Chill | editor
Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast 24/7 | editor
Cooking Light The Big Book of Salads | editor
Cooking Light Soups & Stews Tonight! | editor
Cooking Light Good Mood Food | editor
Cooking Light Snacktastic! | editor
Southern Living Slim Down South | editor
Southern Living The Big Book of BBQ iPad app | editor
The Carb Lovers Diet | researcher & contributor * New York Times
Non-fiction Bestseller

Weight Watchers Five Ingredient 15 Minute Recipes | editor of 13 quarterly editions
The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, Vol. 7: Foodways | contributor
Beans: A History by Ken Albala | contributing researcher




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